“Brushstrokes” with Attitude

Welcome to the artistic journal of Klyden’s master pieces. Since when she started to build her interest in art was first when she started to find a manual copy machine. Whenever she saw something interesting to her eyes in the street, she captured it in her memory and after she came home, she sat down and drew from her memories and by the heart she drew and drew until she was satisfied with the overall image.

When Klyden’s mother saw Klyden’s interest on drawing, her mother brought her to the local Art schools and began her life in Fine Arts. Firstly she was taught to draw Still Life. After she started her school in Australia, she found herself focusing on Fine Arts as a main core for her compulsory classes and picked Fine Arts as her subjects from her later years at Primary to Secondary and College schools. For marks, she gained the highest scores every year in the class on Fine Arts and explored a wide range of flairs in the Art medias, from sketchings, acrylic on canvas, water painting and applications of mixed medias on to her paintings, no doubt she had the honour to design the School’s Yearly Book covers for 2 years in the row on her College years. Her night and day, day and night paintings were taken in her bedroom and almost given up on any other things in the world out there, she was very dedicated and had shown enthusiasm in Fine Arts. Deep appreciation to her mother and sister for being so understanding for her.

Klyden’s style of striking and dynamicism is shown here in her works. After all these years studying Fine Arts in school, Klyden thought for further studies from Fine Arts in the society nowadays, one needs to become skilful in Visual Communication, that is, Graphic Design. As this would only fit to the areas which can fulfil to what the society needs, in a way. So she decided to enter to a Graphic Design school in Hong Kong while she was starting her career in Product Design.

From the journey in Fine Arts to Graphic Design to Creative Development, Klyden has drawn back on her interests to Fine Arts, once again. Special thank you to her mother for the support and guidance especially in the Fine Art areas, thus, this will be carried on.

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