This page explains the privacy policies and terms of Pratitude Limited.

In respect to online user on protection and placement towards the users personal information, and in regards to the Company’s terms and regulations.


The Company acts upon individuals or online users privacy and policy condition officially and seriously.


The Company respects your privacy and commits:


l       to permit only authorized employees to access personal data

l       to collect the personal data strictly for the Company’s purpose in serving to the customers

l       not to disclose your personal data to external parties, unless you have agreed through conversation via written and non verbally

l       your personal data is not exposed in the public areas, keep safeguards to what the Company is best to avoid exposures to your information as confidential issues.


1)       Information collection & usage


The Company collects information in order to keep as database for communications in regards to the Company’s products events, promotions, newsletters, goods delivery and small gifts enclosed service.


Specific information will be processed by our authorized employees and deliver message to our specific division of staff. This will be important for the Company to hold on to the contact information in order for at your service and after service issues, that results and reflects to what the Company can serve for the customers.



        Certain issues that requires personal data for the following:-


l       processing applications

l       provide services for customers at service and after service

l       including contacting to the specific customer for specific need of the products and services required

l       Official advises of the Company’s public media on custom offers in electronic flyers via email, telephone for promotions and news to distribute in such media sources from the Company. You may choose not to receive promotional materials, by simply write to us at “Contact Us” on the website, and we will cease to do so, without charge

l       Other related purposes.


2)       Security


Personal data stored electronically are password-protected. The Company’s computer systems are placed in restricted areas, only authorize to the properly trained employees and technicians to access on the Company’s privacy policies, in order to learn and respect one’s importance in privacy policies.

Your information is never sold, given to, or viewed by any third party.


3)       The Company’s Website (Intellectual Property)


All data, images, motifs and products are exclusive to and strictly belong to the property of the Company, Pratitude Limited, except for other hyperlinks icons and information. It is designed for online users and not permitted for the third parties to reproduce copies of the Company’s properties in any circumstances for commercial uses, unless agreed by the Company in formally written.


If for any duplications of our marks in any means, the Company will prohibit in action

upon laws and rules under the Intellectual Property.


4)       Copyright


The Company’s Copyright is marked at the right below corner of the website to identify and ensure

that the Company’s properties for the viewers and users on the website are created by the Company, Pratitude Limited.


If for any duplications of our marks in any means, the company will prohibit in action

upon laws and rules under the Intellectual Property.


5)       Disclaimer


Online users voluntarily use any other service of functions or access through other sources, provide personal datas to any other companies on conditions.


Hyperlinks (applicable to online users) to other websites are provided for your convenience and awaring the effectiveness inter-linking. The Company does not controlled to the hyperlinks whilst user is online for any corruption and disturbance, not provided for any technical assistance upon any damage or broken to other websites.  Please refer to the privacy policies to the other websites.

Individual voluntarily provide personal data or manipulation in any kinds of condition.


6)    Changes


The Company may update and edit information on the website with or without notice via other links that will happen to be on, it will be automatically updated when user is online at any pages with changes or not, if user is a frequent browser on the Company’s website.


The Company may due to under the need to specific customer or user’s condition, advise the Company’s change of information via email.


The Company may also update this Statement without notice, when this will happen, it will be automatically updated when user is online at this page.


7)    Your Rights and Consentments


        When you make a visit at the Company’s website, you consent to the collection and use of your information and other functions as outlined in this Statement.


Under the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, individuals have the right:


l       to check the personal data that the Company holds about you and to access such data

l       to require the Company to correct inaccurate data

l       to inquire the Company to cease communications, comments, inquiries and or complaints : Please contact by our Form.


The Company suggests the user on the own to apply personal data’s confirmation, edit and delete, when the user contacts to the appropriate operator in the given email address, the Company will send you feedback as soon as possible in the working days.



If there is any conflict or discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions , the English version prevails.

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